46 Mount Pleasant Avenue, West Orange, NJ 07052

Art Exhibit

Mapping the Unknown.
Abstract Topographies by Agnes Deja.

August 1-31, 2018
West Orange Public Library

          Agnes Deja is a visual artist working mainly in painting and sculpture. Deja’s artistic work reflects her interest in environmental consciousness, the perception of space, and kinesthetic memories. The artist’s recent work is made with acrylic painted asphalt paper chosen to conceptually represent urban spaces but also urban sprawl and its impact on the environment. Deja works in an expressive and intuitive way and is interested in tapping into our inner connection with nature, memories of land and longings for open spaces. Her wall-hanging painted sculptures combine organic and hard edge lines and are reminiscent of topographies, aerial views and geological formations. www.agnesdeja.com

          Agnes Deja immigrated to the U.S. in her early 20s following her graduation in Psychology and having already started to exhibit some of her photography work in Europe. While settling in as an immigrant and working among others as a photographer, Deja continued studying art and in 2011 graduated with an M.A. in Fine Arts from Montclair State University. She has been exhibiting photography, painting and metalwork in NJ and NY galleries. Her recent shows include a two-people exhibit “Under the Same Sun: Democratic Spaces” at Index Art Center and a storefront installation at Gallery Aferro / Activate Market Street in Newark NJ. In winter 2017 she participated in the NYFA program for Newark-based immigrant artists and she is taking an active role as an artists’ community organizer and an independent curator in Northern NJ.

For more information visit the artist’s website at www.agnesdeja.com

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