Art Exhibit




Growth Amid Chaos

June - August 2024

The exhibition “Growth Amid Chaos” presents works from several series, reflecting on life and growth amidst destruction and chaos, both in nature and human life. Nothing can be achieved without suffering and struggle. Nevertheless, life goes on amidst personal tragedies, wars and disasters. Branches strive for light, intertwining and acquiring bizarre forms, filling the space with their presence. Plants are constantly reborn, choosing to emerge again and again. Humans carry the hopes and fears of past generations, serving as a connection and foundation for growth for future posterity.

Short Biography: Tatyana Kazakova graduated from Moscow Printing Academy with an MFA in Visual Arts and continued her education in Muthesius University in Germany. She became a regular participant in many art shows in Russia and Germany, receiving awards for her book and graphic design. Tatyana has been living in the US since 2000 and worked as a full-time graphic designer.
Now Tatyana is a full-time artist and works in a studio in Manufacturers Village, NJ.

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