Library Materials

The West Orange Public Library is a member of the Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS), the Reciprocal Essex Borrowing Libraries (REBL), and the New Jersey Library Cooperative known as LibraryLink NJ. As a member of these organizations the Library has valuable resources available to West Orange residents.

West Orange residents may request materials from all BCCLS Libraries as well as visit all BCCLS Libraries. The Library catalog is for the cooperative and will show material availability in each owning library. (Please note: The catalog link will open as a new tab in your internet browser. The West Orange Library website will remain an opened tab.)

West Orange residents may visit and borrow materials from participating REBL libraries as well. Each REBL library has its own policy for loanable materials and extended usage fees. To view individual REBL library policies please visit the REBL wiki.

West Orange Library's membership with the New Jersey Library Cooperative allows West Orange residents to request materials from the New Jersey State Catalog to be sent as interlibrary loans to the West Orange Library for residents.